Guide - How to register to PayFast Account

1. How to register to PayFast

type on your browser, then click on sign me up button on the top far right of the page.

2. Register for a PayFast Account

The next step is to complete step one of the user registration form by filling all the required fields:

  • Fill in your emails address
  • Fill in your password field
  • Select your prefered Account type, for most authors we suggest you select "Sole Trader" and for bookstores and publishers we suggest you select "Company".
  • Then Click on "Continue" to go to the next step
3.Business Information

On this page, please fill in all your general business information by completing all the required fields:

  • Fill in your Display Name (This is the name that will be shown to your customers when purchasing)
  • For The Industry Field click on the drop down arrow to select your industry option and in this case you will select "Book" option.
  • Select "Website" for your primary online platform
  • Fill in the description field by describing what you will be selling.
  • Please select/answer "YES" for the question "Do you currently accept EFT or Card payments?" (For those with bank accounts)
  • For those who are VAT Registered please Fill in your Vat Number under the VAT Number field.
  • Under "How will you use PayFast?" please select "To accept payments on my eCommerce website"
  • Under "Where did you hear about PayFast?" Select your prefered choice under the provided options.
  • "Promotional Code" Leave it empty if you do not have a promotional code from PayFast.
  • The Click on "Continue" to go to the next step
4. Business Address

On this page please fill in your physical address and if you have a different postal address from your physical address please un-select "Postal address is the same as above" then fill in your postal address fields as required. Then Click "Continue" to go to the next step.

5. Banking Details

On this page please fill in all the fields, by selecting which bank you are banking with, Branch Code, Account Number, Select your account type, and lastly fill in your Account holder's name. The click "Continue" to go to your final stage.

6. Legal & Verification

This is a page that will indicate that your registration was successful, and you will need to go to your emails (email you entered at the start of your registration) to verify your registration email account. And you will also need to further verify the account by submitting few documents.

7. Email Verification

Go to your emails and you will find an email sent by PayFast to Activate your Account Now, please click on "Activate Now" on the body of your email, incase you don't see the email please check under "SPAM"

8. Login to your Payfast dashboard

Once you have clicked on "Activate Now" from your previous step, you will be redirected to the Payfast Login Page. Under the Login Page, Please fill in your email address and Password (Those you filled in at the beggining of your registration) Then Click on "Log In" Button.

9. Verify Your Account

This is the step where you are required to Verify your Payfast account by submitting the prefered documents which are:

  • Bank Account (A clear scanned or digital document as proof of bank account showing your name and bank account number, like a bank statement issued in the last 3 months or a confirmation letter from your bank). Click on "Upload Document" to submit your document.
  • Proof of physical address (A clear scanned or digital document as proof of physical address, such as the first page of a lease agreement, an account statement from Telkom, rates and taxes statement or another official document.) Click on "Upload Document" to submit your document.
  • Identity document (A clear scanned colour copy of your ID, such as a valid passport, driving license, ID book or both sides of an ID card.) Click on "Upload Document" to submit your document.
  • Once all documents are submitted, please click on the "Submit Documents" button placed on the bottom right of the page.

Under your Payfast account, Please click on "SETTINGS" on the left menu bar.

11. Settings

Under Settings, please select "DEVELOPER SETTINGS"

12. Developer Settings

  • On this page, Please fill in the "SECURITY PASSPHRASE" field for Example "Yourname4321" and click on the button "SAVE"
  • under the "ITN Status" please activate it to status "ENABLED ON" by clicking on the switch button.
  • Then under "NOTYFY URL" please enter your website address (but we suggest you first go and test if the website address you will be using under the SABO Platform is available for registration by clicking on this link
  • Once you have entered your website address, click on "SAVE"
  • Lastly please "ENABLE REQUIRE SIGNATURE" by Clicking on the "Enabled" to "ON"

Please copy your "MERCHANT ID", "MERCHANY KEY" on the top right side of the page and Copy your "PASSPHRASE"

14. Create Website

Paste YOUR "MERCHANT ID" , "MERCHANY KEY" AND "PASSPHRASE" under the correct fields when you are creating / exporting your website.